How to charge NiCd battery properly?
Mar 31, 2020
NiCd batteries have two charging methods, one is constant voltage (boost +float) and other one is constant current .It is recommended to use Constant Voltage method of charging for Nickel Cadmium Batteries, usually with current limitation to C/5 or C/10. Charging voltages must be regularly checked. To optimized the battery performance, it is necessary to ensure that the voltage is kept into specific limits.

NiCd charging basics:

Normally cells are charged at a rate of around C/5. In other words if their capacity is 1 amp hour then they would be charged at a rate of 200mA. The charge time is usually longer than 10 hours because not all the energy entering the cell is converted into stored electrical energy.

It is found that during the first stage of charging, up to about 70% of full charge, the charging process is nearly 100% efficient. After this it falls.

NiCd batteries

Preparation before initial charge :
After installing and connecting, the battery should be fully charged as soon as possible. The whole charge should preferably be carried out at constant current. The charging time is inversely proportional to the current which is set by the current limit of the charging equipment.
Recommended rates for the first charging: 0.2 C5A for 10hours
0.1 C5A for 20hours

Charging :

Each cell should be charged according to the standard current 0.2C5 A to charge 8h, cells of the same model can be charged together, while the different models cannot be charged together. In charging, the temperature of electrolyte is slowly rising. If rises over 45℃, it will be harmful to the battery, the charging should be stopped at once, when the temperature is down below 45℃, continue charging. Record charging details.

Treatment after initial charge :

Check whether the electrolyte level is normal or not after charging, if it is much lower than the max. level, please fill electrolyte to the proper level.

Fast NiCd charging:

Sometimes equipment using nickel cadmium cells requires the use of fast charging techniques. Typically charging takes place at rates of around C. However it is necessary to ensure that the NiCd charging is operated correctly and charging is terminated immediately on charge being completed.
As the charging efficiency is nearly 100% up until about 70% of full charge, the full speed charge is maintained up until this point, whereupon the charge rate is reduced as the temperature increases as the charge efficiency reduces.
It is found that a fast charge for NiCd cells also improves charge efficiency. Recommended for quick charging: 0.4 C5 A for 2.5hours by 0.2 C5 A for 2.5 hours.

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