Flooded OGI Range Battery

EverExceed's Flooded OGI Range batteries are robust energy storage solutions for applications such as telecommunications, emergency lighting, railway systems, power generation plants, photovoltaic / cyclic, UPS systems, and alarm security systems.
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Technical Features:

·         Very high operational reliability under rough operating conditions;

·         Low maintenance due to optimized alloy and high electrolyte reserve;

·         Nominal capacity 200-3500 AH;

·         20+ years at 20°C (68°F) in float service (80% remaining capacity from C10);

·         Specially designed for cyclic operation ;

·         Low gassing due to optimized alloy (EN 50272-2);

·         Optimized plate design produces increased capacities;

·         Completely recyclable. 


  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency lighting
  • Railway systems
  • Power generation plants
  • Photovoltaic/cyclic
  • UPS systems
  • Alarm security systems

Battery Model Nom. Voltage (V) Nominal Capacity(Ah) C10 to 1.80VPC Outline Dimensions (mm) Weight With acid (kg) Acid Weight  (kg) Pole Pairs Internal Resistance mohm Short Circuit Current Terminal
Length Width Height
OGi 200 2 212 105 208 405 15.5 4.5 1 0.62 3200 F-M8
OGi 250 2 262 126 208 405 19 5 1 0.58 3600 F-M8
OGi 300 2 315 147 208 405 23 6 1 0.53 3830 F-M8
OGi 350 2 367 126 208 520 25.5 6.5 1 0.51 4100 F-M8
OGi 400 2 420 147 208 520 30 8 1 0.48 4510 F-M8
OGi 500 2 525 168 208 520 34.5 10 1 0.45 4790 F-M8
OGi 600 2 630 147 208 695 42 12 1 0.42 7480 F-M8
OGi 800 2 840 215 193 695 56 16 2 0.38 8690 F-M8
OGi 1000 2 1050 215 235 695 71.5 20 2 0.33 9800 F-M8
OGi 1200 2 1260 215 277 695 80 24 2 0.31 10900 F-M8
OGi 2000 2 2100 215 400 815 134 40 3 0.13 16200 F-M8
OGi 2500 2 2620 215 490 815 180 50 4 0.08 20500 F-M8
OGi 3500 2 3650 215 580 815 213 63 4 0.08 23500 F-M8

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