EverPower Star Energy Storage System

EverPower Star series composed with simple but robust electrical interface which provides a trouble-free connection to any home or buildings. Its revolutionary compact design achieves market-leading energy density, easier installation, enabling owners to quickly utilize the benefits of reliable, clean power.
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Technical features:

Modular design for easy installation, the system is compact with hybrid inverter.

 Flexible investment:
Due to modular design, easy to expand the solution to suit the energy consumption. 7.5kWh modular design, with option to expand up to 45kWh.

This solution is compatible with any grid-tie inverter on the market today.

 More usable energy:
100% of Depth of Discharge Pack level energy optimization.

 High reliability:
Passed the salt spray test, extreme high and low temperature test which ensures stable performance in harsh environment.

 Cycle strength:
High charging cycle strength, deep discharge and short charging times.

 Smart Energy Management:
Smart monitoring of the device ensures any error can be detected at the earliest possible of time with the web and mobile monitoring function with a reliable service network.

Sell solar power with ease with true hybrid functionality
If the generated energy by the solar panel is more than the load required energy after storing energy to the battery, that excessive amount of energy can be sold to the grid company to gain more profit.

* This function depends on different country's  regulation of selling energy to the grid.

Construction of the system:

DC input
Max.PV input power 6500W
Max.PV input voltage 370V
Startup voltage 150V
MPPT voltage range 100-500V
No. of MPPT 2
Max. number of PV strings per MPPT 1

General specifications
Environmental protection grade IP21
Ambient temperature rate -25 ºC ~45ºC
Communication 4G/ WIFI
Remote access APP/ Website
Inverter warranty 2 years
Battery warranty 5 years

Battery Box
Number of battery modules 2
Storage capacity 15kWh
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Battery voltage range 42~57V
Max discharge current  150A
Battery type LFP
Battery brand /
Cooling /
Protect BMS inside

AC input and output
Nominal AC input power 2
Nominal AC output power 15kWh
Max. AC output apparent power 6000VA
Max. AC output current /
Nominal output voltage 110V/220C
AC voltage range 110/240V
Nominal output frequency 50/60Hz
Output power factor 0.8 leading - 0.8 lagging
Output THDi @Nominal output <3%

Battery Module
Module capacity 7.5kWh
Module dimension (W×H×D) 214*550*621 mm
Module weight /
Nominal battery voltage 6500W
Battery voltage range 370V
Max. charging current 150V
Max. discharging current 100-500V
Dimension (W×H×D) 2

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