EverGEN High frequency Household Energy Storage Solution

The EverGen energy solution has integrated Deep Cycle AGM batteries (Lithium optional), PCS, Distributed BMS, monitoring system and other advanced technologies to emphasize the integration of intelligence and overall technical superiorities. High frequency household energy solution features with high reliability, safety, high efficiency, environment-friendly, easy installation & maintenance free, stable performance, and flexible expansion, which are the ideal choice for your power solution. EverGen energy storage solution provides high performance and reliability in long duration discharge applications, which is specially developed for the residential, office, and mobile vehicles where the backup power is needed.

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high frequency household energy solution
  • FAST and economic charging time.
  • Compact and flexible.
  • High levels of safety and reliability
  • Modular design for ease of installtion and it's maintenance free.
  • Remotely controlled, management and online upgrade.
  • Scalable for larger capacity.
  • Warranty: 2years.


•  Home / apartment / Villa
•  Office/ Enterprises
•  Hospitals
•  School/Baby care centers
•  Emergency power supply
•  Mobile vehicles

Product Model EG4801 EG4803 EG4805 EG7201 EG7203 EG7205 EG9601 EG9603 EG9605
Rated  power  1KW 3KW 5KW 1KW 3KW 5KW 1KW 3KW 5KW
Rated energy 4.8KWh 7.2KWh 9.6KWh
Input voltage range  230VAC±10%
Input frequency range 50Hz±1
Output voltage range   220VAC±5%
Output frequency range 50Hz±1
Dynamic response time
The response time was less than 30ms when the mutation was loaded from 0 to 100 %
Bypass switching time 20ms
Instantaneous overload Power grid 110%  30S / 120% 10S       Inverter 110%  30S/ 120%  3S 
Inverter efficiency 88
Protection Overcharged, the input overvoltage, output overload, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature and other protection 
Battery voltage  24/48VDC Optional
Battery model  Lead-acid battery (VRLA) or lithium iron battery
Battery capacity 4PCS 12V100AH 4PCS 12V150AH 4PCS 12V200AH
Battery voltage  24V/48V
Charge current  13.0±1.5
Overcharging voltage
31.4V(24V)/ 62V(48V)
Voltage undervoltage
21V(24V)/ 42V(48V)
Display interface LED Display
GB/IEC certification  GB/IEC: EMC:GB7260.2/IEB62040-2 GB/17626.2/IEC61000-4-2-5
(within 1 meter  )
Environment temperature(℃)  -10℃~+45
Humidity 0-95RH
Elevation 1500m
Size 800*500*800mm 800*500*800mm 800*500*1200mm
Weight 200KG 220KG 240KG 280KG 290KG 300KG 340KG 350KG 360KG
Solar system 
Solar system power  100W-3KWOptional
Solar controller  10A-60AOptional
Input voltage  DC65V-150V

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  • EverExceed EverGen Household Energy Storage Solutions Brochure (High frequency)-V1.6.pdf
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