0.5-3kVA Power Aurora Series UPS

0.5-3kVA Power Aurora Series UPS

220/230/240VAC, 1:1

PowerAurora Series UPS is an off-line UPS with the most advanced DSP control technology which can protect the sensitive device from utility fail, over/under voltage, surges, transients, spikes and other electrical abnormalities. With automatic boot voltage regulation and wide input voltage range, PowerAurora is a good choice to be applied to all kinds of complex power environment.

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Technical Features:


Advanced technology
•  Auto recharging
•  Advanced with AVR perform
•  Spike, surge, RFI noise protection    
•  Optional Communication Ports: LED/ LCD, RJ45/11 and USB
•  Advanced PWM MOSFET technology
•  Automatic booting when the Power recovers

•  LED/LCD display
•  Overvoltage and short circuit protection


•  Network

•  Data center 

•  Servers and workstations

•  Control system

•  Communication system and office etc.

Model Aurora 500 Aurora 600 Aurora 800 Aurora 1000 Aurora 1200 Aurora 1500 Aurora 2000 Aurora 3000
Capacity 500VA 600VA 800VA 1000VA 1200VA 1500VA 2000VA 3000VA
300W 360W 480W 600W 720W 900W 1200W 1800W
Input Voltage 110/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC 220Vac
Input Voltage Range 85~150VAC/145~290VAC 175~275VAC
Input Frequency 50/60Hz (Auto sensing) 50Hz
Output Voltage 110/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC 220VAC
Output Voltage Range   102-132VAC/200-255VAC       200-240VAC
Output Frequency           50/60Hz±0.5Hz
Waveform   PWM (DC mode)       PWM (DC mode)
Transfer Time   Typical 2-6ms, Max≤10ms       ≤10ms
QTY&Capacity of Battery
Charging Period 4~6h to 90% capacity 10~16hours
Protection Low voltage, overload and short circuit protection
Operation Temperature 0-40℃
Relative Humidity 20%~90%(non-condensing)
Noise ≤40dB
Net Weight (Kg) 4 6 6 10.2 10.2 10.6 19 21
Dimension (mm) 250*95*140 305*85*140 335*118*190 340*110*265 408*145*220
Optional LED/LCD, RJ45/11&USB

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