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The Smart IT Data Array solution is a new generation of IT equipment physical infrastructure that adapts to changes in IT industry trends, design, and production. The brand-new cabinet-type data center product concept integrates power, environment, weak current, lightning protection, and monitoring systems. It is suitable for installation in a variety of indoor environments, providing high availability, high reliability, and high adaptability to ensure IT equipment operation, and can be customized as the future demand escalates.
EverExceed EGX Home Energy Storage System is considered as cost effective and robust centralized option for supplying electricity as per own convenience. It can be used as both on/off grid system. The energy will be stored to fill up the needs of electricity when it is required.This energy storage system provides high efficiency and maximum reliability in a compact, space savings battery cabinet. This system is advanced, unique, user friendly to operate at any household appliances. The smart monitoring system shows the battery status through a user friendly, color touch screen. It allows controlling the operation and condition of the battery to enjoy an independent and maintenance free operation.
The EGS series is a versatile energy storage system consisting of a powerful sine wave inverter, a precision battery charger, a high-speed AC transfer switch and AC power distribution.The built-in Deep Cycle series is the specialty of entire system. The EGS energy storage system is highly integrated with all functions of the off-grid system, safe and tidy, without the need for professionals to assemble complex technical procedures, ready to use, easy to enjoy the comfort and reliability of the entire system.
EverExceed offers extensive DC power systems with advanced battery technology, leading engineering experience and reliable quality for Transportation and Offshore upstream oil and gas, etc. This non-stop DC Power system includes two key parts- batteries and industrial rectifier / battery chargers, with an unparalleled breadth of intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control and monitoring systems. This DC power system is fully adaptable to customers power needs. A full range of additional options is available enabling us to offer tailor solutions for diverse industrial applications.
EverExceed Smart IT Cabin solution is featured with intelligent power distribution, battery health monitoring and class-leading power conditioning and battery backup. This new solution quickly, simply and efciently meets those local IT needs and is the only integrated solution that includes the UPS system, rack PDU, rack back batteries, precision air-conditioning and remote access capabilities- all fully integrated and prefabricated to ensure optional performance.
As a worldwide power supplier, EverExceed is dedicated to producing safe, reliable UPS power products with experienced research & development center and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Now EverExceed can offer online/off-line UPS, high frequency online UPS, low frequency online UPS, modular online UPS, industrial UPS, etc, which has been considered to be the best power protection solution for large data center, as well as for sensitive electronics. We also offer customized services to meet various customers' need.
EverExceed provides innovative, robust and reliable energy storage solutions based on decades of experience to meet power and energy demands of any size, from hundreds of watts to megawatts.Integrated with EverExceed lead acid batteries or lithium batteries, top quality inverter charger, PCS, distributed BMS, monitoring system, high frequency isolation transformer as well as other advanced equipments, EverGen energy storage solution features with integration of intelligence and overall technical superiorities, which are the ideal choice for you!
As a world-leading solar energy supplier, EverExceed provides worldwide customers the safe and reliable solar energysolutions with characteristics of portability, easy installation, advanced technology as well as customized service.EverExceed grid-on solar power system is composed of solar modules, grid-on solar inverters, lighting protection system, grounding system, and AC power distribution system and so on, directly connects with the public power grid through the grid-on inverter.
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