Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Advanced power protection for various applications
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Three Phase Systems - Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for Enterprise protection

PowerPlus XM series UPS, 10-200KVA
Ideal Applications
● Financial
● Telecommunication
● Government
● Manufacturer
● Transportation
● Energy resource industries

  ● True Online Double conversion modular UPS
● Integrated IGBT Module and Three-Level Inverter    technology
● High input power factor (>0.99), low input THDi (<3%)
● Vienna PFC control circuit
● Independent Dual-DSP Intelligent Controller for individual power module
● Adaptive Synchronic Control technology
● 320*240 touch screen LCD
● Digital controlled independent charger and intelligent battery management system
● Strong load adaptability for linear and nonlinear load
  PowerPlus Series, 10 - 200KVA
Online double conversion modular UPS for

  • Data processing
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Industrial process equipment
  • Laboratories
  ● Adopted module parallel connection
● Adopted centralized management
● Use the module parallel design, consist of 1 to 10 rated UPS modules
● True online double conversion modular technology
● Support Hot-swappable
● Input power factor is nearly equal to 1, input harmonic distortion is
   less 5%
● Inverting efficiency highly come to above 96%
● Support RS232,RS422,dry Contact, SNMP card, Modem ,and so on, support TCP/IP, adapt LAN, WAN and INTERNET monitoring
  PowerChampion TL, 10-200KVA
Ideal Applications
● ISP (Internet Service Provider)
● IDC (Internet Data Center)
● Computing center
● Bank
● Server center
● Precise equipment and etc
  ● Compatible with utility of 200/208/380/400/415VAC, 50/60Hz
● Online double conversion, offering load with best power quality
● intelligent battery management, extending battery lifetime
● Large LCD display, friendly human machine interface
● configured with top and bottom cable connection
● Full front maintenance, saving space
● Redundant design of power model fans, increasing the system reliability
● Modularized design of subsystem, convenient field maintenance
● Wide input voltage window, compatible with different utilities
● Support all kinds of load, high overload capability
  PowerChampion Series, 10 - 300KVA
3/3 true online double conversion UPS for
  • Facility-wide networks
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial process
  • large computer rooms
  ● Touch-sensitive large LCD
● On-line double conversion technology
● DSP based controls and IGBT technology
● Intelligent Eco mode for higher efficiency
● Field-proven critical bus MTBF
● Harmonic filter&12 pulses optional
● Output isolation transformer
● Up to 8 units direct paralleling & N+1 paralleling
● Optional battery monitoring module up to 4 strings
Single Phase UPSs - Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for PC & Server protection
  PowerAurora Series, 0.45 - 3KVA
Line-interactive UPS ideally suited for
  • Professional desktop PCs
  • Professional workstations
  • Small routers, bridges
  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Other sensitive electronic
  ● Microprocessor Control for High Reliability
● Boost and Buck AVR to Stabilize Output Voltage
● Green Power Function for Efficient Energy Saving
● Best Cost Performance Balance Design
● Built-in DC Start Function
● Auto Restart Function
● Overload Protection
  PowerLead2 Series, 1 - 10KVA
Online double conversion UPS for

  • Telecommunication systems
  • LAN and WAN servers
  • Clustered network equipment
  • Engineering network servers
  Paralleling up to 4 units
True online double conversion technology
Smart communication port
IGBT PFC technology
Wide input range
Zero transfer time
Compete protection function
LCD/LED display
Cold start function