EverExceed Inverter & Rectifier
power you applications
EverExceed Corporation establish a long-term partnership with our customers through bring high standard quality control and great customer service for them according to the demand of international market. We create the valuable new products for our customers in the long run
  ESc Series Portable Inverter
● Over voltage shutdown
● Over load protect
● Low voltage alarm and shutdown
● Short-circuit protect
● Over heat protect
● Advanced heat sink design and optimum component layout
● Standard AC outlet
● LED red/green indicator
● Super Surge capacity to start difficult loads


  RMI series Inverter
Telecom/Electric Power/Solar Application
● With CPU digital control technology
● Can be AC power mode and DC power mode
● Can be switched to bypass on the running state
● Was designed with all kinds of intelligent fault protection functions
● Can support network communication system
● Provides dry contacts which can be used for DC input fault warning or AC output fault warning.
  PV Grid-Connected Inverters
Telecom/Electric Power/Solar Application
●Transformerless with the best patented
● Max. efficiency up to 98.0%
●Dual MPPT inputs accommodating wide
voltage range
● Compact structure design
● Simple national setting