EverExceed Open the Gateway to Solar Market in Egypt
EGYPT (Dec 7, 2016) - The EverExceed team have a very fruitful show in Electricx & Solar-Tec 2016 in the past three days. We hereby to announce we successfully open the gateway to solar market in Egypt, a market capacity of 6.5 GW solar power with investment totally over US$30 billion in the next few years. Congratulations on the starting of a new stage for EverExceed Corporation!

Electricx & Solar-Tec is the leading solar energy exhibition in Egypt and North Africa, they invited the leading 100+ manufacturers, including ABB, GE, Siemens, Huawei, EverExceed and more. Mr. H.E. Dr. Mohamed Shaker (Minister of Electricity & Renewable Energy, Egypt) speaks at the show.

Egypt government recently announced that it reduced the feed-in tariffs significantly for solar power projects from 500 kW to 50 MW, Egypt plans to increase the share of renewable energy in the whole electricity market to 20% by 2022, the huge potential market attracted thousands of regional utilities, leading developers, contractors, system integrators, project managers and distributors to source the latest solar technologies from Solar-Tec Exhibition, we just be there to provide the solutions.

During this exhibition, EverExceed sales team introduced high quality Solar Panel, Telecom BTS Solar power system, All-in-One Solar street Light, Vplus series Inverter Charger, Smart IT Cabin Solution, Thyristor Industrial Rectifier / Battery Charger / DC UPS for all kinds of batteries with excellent performance to resist wind and high temperatures. EverExceed was interviewed at Smart integrated solutions, Solar Energy Solution, Stored energy solutions and Power Solutions by news organizations.

EverExceed also can supply solar energy solution with high generating capacity, reliability and easy installation. Furthermore, EverExceed can supply a wide range of lead acid batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel iron batteries, and lithium batteries to perfectly meet customers’ needs. Under the professional introduction of EverExceed staff, many customers had great interest in EverExceed integrated solution and discussed deeply on business opportunities.

The solar market in Egypt and North Africa is attracting more international developers and investors, we warmly invite our partners to join the developing market where huge projects and investment opportunities existing for the following years.

EverExceed Corporation
Dec. 9th,2016
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