New Products Notice on EverExceed SNMP Card for V & T Series power system
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To meet with the diversified marketing needs, EverExceed R&D department has newly developed the EverExceed SNMP Card for V & T Series power system.
EverExceed SNMP Card for basic MPPT charge controller & V series (Inverter & Charger) power system network moniter, this product has basic Titan series MPPT charge controller & V series (Inverter & Charger)power system monitoring function, the interface is simple and easy to operate, it is a simple type MPPT charge controller & V series(Inverter & Charger) power system monitoring product which can satisfy the MPPT charge controller & V series (Inverter & Charger) power system users’ requirements.

EverExceed SNMP Card features include wide input voltage range, supporting 9-30V power supply, and with the adapter to support 85-265VAC; Adopting standard TCP / IP SNMP protocol to be applicable to all kinds of compatible network; Supporting the WWW, and the user can check the device status and manage UPS system through the browser in any computer; Supporting various management channels like the console, TELNET and so on, to simplify the user's operation; Supporting multi-channel monitoring expansion, the optional "ambient temperature acquisition module" and "ambient temperature and humidity acquisition module" to achieve room environmental monitoring etc. which will have huge needs in the global market.

EverExceed 30+ year experience in energy storage solutions,Supply worldwide reliable, quality, safety and environmental standards power solutions with continuous innovative technologies, which is always EverExceed's pursuing mission . We will continue to produce high-quality products with advanced technologies.Thanks for your long-time support again!

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     Apr. 7 th,2017
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