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release time: 2018 - 10 - 25
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Recently on October 18, 2018; EverExceed attended the biggest conference among “Information Technology Independent Innovation Summit and 2018 Green Data Center Life Cycle Construction and Service Forum", which was guided by the Beijing Science and Technology Association, the Beijing Electronics Society, and the China Computer Users Association, held in Beijing. The main objective of the conference was to share high end speeches, interactive exchanges and sharing cases to discuss core technology, independent innovation in the information technology field and honor annual awards to the companies which have made outstanding contributions to the new generation data center industry. EverExceed is a renowned manufacturer and a high-quality supplier of core applications for Solar energy...
release time: 2017 - 09 - 08
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Pure electric vrla battery Pure electric vrla battery as a power source, motor energy battery as the power source of pure electric vehicle motor energy in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles: the role of providing an internal combustion engine, fuel cell engine cars and even starting the energy required in automobile acceleration or uphill, to provide a part of vrla battery when braking, absorbed by the motor inverter for electric energy in automobile parking without shutdown, steering, air-conditioning system with energy in automobile parking without shutdown for steering HVAC system provides energy. Motive power batteryValve control lead-acid accumulator basic characteristic is the use period does not need to add acid water maintenance, battery sealing structure, ca...
release time: 2017 - 09 - 08
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Valued customers,Many thanks for your long-term trust and support to EverExceed! To meet with the diversified marketing needs, EverExceed R&D department has newly developed the Smart IT Solution as an alternative to traditional design.The advantage of EverExceed Smart IT Solution as a new family of infrastructure. Their new strategies include solutions that Improve energy efficiency space utilization and IT productivity, Offer measurable savings in CAPEX and OPEX, Offer location flexibility and compatibility with existing infrastructure, Improve the ability to manage and control the IT environment, Feature interoperability for fast and easy design and implementation and Support greater capacity by improving management of density and availability.
release time: 2017 - 09 - 08
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Valued customers,Many thanks for your long-term trust and support to EverExceed!To meet with the diversified marketing needs, EverExceed R&D department has newly developed the MPPT solar charge controller(TitanPlus,Titan) with Electronic protection functions and an appealing design and top qualityThe EverExceed MPPT solar charge controller(TitanPlus,Titan) sets new standards in the area of Maximum Power Point trackers. Outstanding efficiency along with unique safety features make it a universal top-grade charge controller.With an input voltage of up to 100 V(Titan MPPT solar charge controller) /150V(TitanPlus MPPT solar charge controller), all kinds of solar modules can be used in various connection schemes. This charge controller combines high flexibility, maximum yields, professional...
release time: 2014 - 09 - 03
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Today, the sales team of EverExceed Corporation has successfully returned from the 28th International Energy & Electricity Exhibition (ENIE 2014) in Brazil with great harvest. The three-day ENIE2014 was holding from 26th to 28th, August 28, 2014, at the North Center in Sao Paulo. This show was not only the most famous trade fairs in South America, but also the most attractive professional exhibition recognized by the industry, attracting people around the world, especially the local customers, come to visit.As we all know, China and Brazil, as a member of the “BRIC”, have a good trade partnership and economical cooperation develops stably. This session of the ENIE2014 was conjunction with INTER SOLAR SHOW in Sao Paulo, which was an unrivaled opportunities for EverExceed Corporation who...
release time: 2016 - 04 - 06
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Valued customers,Many thanks for your long-term trust and support to EverExceed!To meet with the diversified marketing needs, EverExceed R&D department has newly developed the Motive Power Block Batteries (MP-G Range Gellyte VRLA Battery, MP-V Range Gel VRLA Battery) with strong cycling capability to ensure extra long cycle life, and wide range models to meet more marketing needsThe MP-G Range Gellyte and MP-V Range Gel VRLA Batteries are specially designed for motive power. This includes applications for advanced guided vehicles, mobile elevating work plat-forms, cleaning machines, walk-behind pallet trucks, electric cars, golf cart and buses.etcWith EverExceed as your partner for system solutions we can also offer optimized chargers for these blocks. What’s more, Our development team...
release time: 2015 - 06 - 15
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Introduction:Now in Thailand's power supply structure, the ratio of gas power generation accounts is as much as 67%, 19% of the electricity comes from coal, only 8% of the electricity is from wind, hydro, solar and other renewable energy sources. With the exhaustion of the gas resources of the gulf of Thailand, Thailand which mainly depends on natural gas power generation has to formulate a new electric power development planning in order to meet the growing consumer demand.The enough sunlight is helpful for the development of solar power in Thailand. The wide application of solar power can reduce the rely on natural gas power generation. Solution:In year 2014, EverExceed cooperated with the engineering company have finished 50 sets 3KW off-grid solar systems for government in Thailan...
release time: 2014 - 03 - 07
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(17th, March, 2014) Recently, the delegates of EverExceed Corporation just come back from the Power and Electricity World Africa 2014 - The Solar Show, which is the continent’s largest solar exhibition and organized by South Portland Exhibition Group Company. This 17th Solar Show was holding on Sandton Convention Centre on 11-12 March, 2014. As the global manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, EverExceed Corporation succeeded in the exhibiting this solar show, and attracted a lot of professional buyers and customers with outstanding sales team, and became one of the more significant solar products manufacturers comparing with the participating peers. It is said that South Africa is the largest producer of electricity in Africa and the electricity is cheap because of adequate pow...
release time: 2015 - 06 - 11
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Introduction:In Syria, more than one billion people live in "energy poverty": they do not have access to the energy grid and rely on unsafe, costly and unsustainable alternatives. The scarcity of fuel in Syria has left many without access to hot water and heating, which is especially harsh during the winter. As a result of the diesel oil is being scarce in the Syrian market which leads to the constantly raising of diesel prices, many Syrians now suffer continuous power blackouts.As a result, the green, steady and reliable solar energy systems are more and more popular with them. As a world-leading green power manufacturer, EverExceed has contributed a lot to the Syrians with the reliable and professional solar energy system. Solution:In 2015, the customer has just finished t...
release time: 2014 - 01 - 14
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Good Harvest in Dubai International Exhibition Center              (19th, Feb, 2014) Until now, The Solar Middle East Expo, which was hold on 11th ~13th , Jan, 2014, ended with great success in Dubai International Exhibition Center. Meanwhile, EverExceed’s participants just came back from the Solar Middle East Expo with good harvest. The whole hall was crowded with solar power industry businessmen, which brought unrivaled opportunities for EverExceed corporation as well as other peer enterprises. As we all know, the Solar Middle East is the most comprehensive gathering of solar technology suppliers ever seen in the region, and will provide exhibitors with an unrivaled opportunities to connect with potential customers and build relationship with peers...
release time: 2014 - 09 - 28
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Recently, EverExceed Corporation has established in-depth cooperation relationship with Senegal customers once again, with another order of ESC Series inverters under mutual trust. A total of 546 pieces of 12V/120W ESC Series sine wave inverters, adopting the most advanced PWM control technology, have been supplied to the Senegal Solar Energy Company to support the local grid-off solar systems. Featuring with precise control, security, high efficiency and good reliability, EverExceed ESC Series pure sine wave inverters are sold well in domestic and overseas. Esc Series inverters are a multifunctional convertible power supply adopting up to date converting technology. They have the function of perfect intellectualized protection. ESC Series inverters can convert 12/24/48 VDC current fr...
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