Pre and After-Sale Service

Pre-sale serice

Early communication between the technical personnel of both sides
Partners provide the necessary technical supporting materials.
Our technical support center design solutions to satisfy the partner.
Our technical support center must assume the duty of confidentiality.


Product Acceptance
Products send to partner and technical support center will organize both sides together for the product acceptance. The acceptance content includes type, quantity, appearance, product testing, etc. After the acceptance, the both sides signed on the acceptance certificate to confirm.
Installation and commissioning
Our technical support center engineer will conduct installation and commissioning in the debugging environment. The partner need to arrange related technical personnel to cooperated. If need joint debugging with other equipments, the partners need to be responsible for coordination work. After commissioning, both sides test together and sign the acceptance report.
Test Run
After the debugging, technical support center will conduct a two-week test run to ensure that customer's products have a smooth transition. If problems appeared in the trial run, the partner shall promptly notify us in writing and submit a "failure report and solution" to our technical support center to ask the engineers to solve the problem as soon as possible
Project final check
After the test run and the products running smoothly, both sides sign on the project acceptance report and keep the related document archived for future maintenance and checking.
On-site Training
Our technical support center engineer will taking technical training and communication for the partner engineer on site to ensure they can properly use and maintenance the realted equipment. The specific training time and period agreed upon by the engineers both sides.

Post-sale Service

Remote technical support services by telephone and emails
Partners can contact our customer service center by telephone or email if consulting technical problems or have a small fault. The customer service center will arrange engineer to solve by telephone, email or fax. The service response time is within 3 hours.
Technical support services on site
Our technical support center engineers will arrange on-site technical support services to solve related problems once the failure products can't be solved by remote ways. The response time is depended on the different fault level.
Warranty Service
Warranty service will be carried out according to our warranty provisions. The maintenance fee shall be borne by the partners once the products over the expiry of the warranty period. Our technical support center can help partner to handle the repair process.
Product hardware warranty service does not involve the following ranges:
1. Product hardware damaged by man-made reasons of the partner or the third party.
2. Product failures caused by failing to follow the manual operation and misusing or abusing the products.
3. Damaged by repairing,modifying personally or repairing by a non-authorized technical support center.
4. The environment does not meet the product requirements.
5. Damaged by accidental disaster or force majeure (such as earthquakes, fires, floods, etc).
Security Consulting Services
Technical support center provide equipment safety consulting services and advice to prepare in advance by the advantages of security products and understand the safety trends. Technical support center can submit the relevant safety advice recommendation and solutions according to the partner's specific situations.