Vplus Inverter Charger(Long Backup DC Home UPS)

The Vplus is a powerful true sine wave inverter & a sophisticated battery charger with intelligent battery management system (BMS) that features adaptive charge technology, robust inverter technology, and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact size enclosure. Vplus optimize the intelligent battery management to maximum the battery service life with automatically charging management, equivalent / floating charging mode management. Adopted the cycle tracking algorithm, Vplus transit time less than 5ms (electromagnetic relay default), parts replacement can be achieved uninterruptedly (time 0 second delay switch). With precise voltage and current detection function, Vplus could give the appliance perfect protection against over voltage / low voltage / over current.

•   Input Reverse Current/Battery Protection;
•   High output power efficiency:>95%;
•   Battery low voltage alarm;
•   Inverter transit time less than 5ms;
•   precise real-time phase tracking technology;
•   Battery charging/discharging current detection accuracy higher than +/-1%;
•   Adopted High frequency isolated inverter technology and SPWM technology, pure sine wave output;
•   The control core uses 32 bit floating point type high performance processor and automatically manage the charging process by software algorithm;
•   One button to complete the factory settings and use the battery capacity calibration;
•   LCD displays battery voltage and the remaining backup time;
•   Support industry standard RS485/ TCP/IP /MODBUS protocol.


Photo Model Rating Input Voltage Efficiency
12/1000/20 1000W DC12V >95%
24/1000/10 DC24V >95%
24/2000/25 2000W DC24V >95%
24/3000/40 3000W DC24V >95%
48/3000/30 DC48V >95%
48/5000/50 5000W DC48V >95%