Tubular EV Battery

EverExceed battery has been recognized by both domestic and foreign design because of its reasonable structure, high technical content, quality and performance .We have accumulated more than 30 years of lead-acid batteries and related products for research and development, design and trial experience, in particular made significant progress in terms of deep-cycle and long life. General flooded lead-acid battery life is 10 years or less, while our flooded lead-acid batteries can reach 15 years or longer, the cycle life has always been a leader in the new energy industry.

Everexceed battery is widely popular because EverExceed always hold a meticulous attitude for each battery and manufacture reliable quality batteries to meet versatile demand of customers. Complex design and long cycle life design of each battery, is to convey a reliable, long-term, continuous new clean energy.

In order to extend battery replacement cycle life and reduce maintenance cost, EverExceed designed s very suitable and reliable EV battery-EV series battery for golf cart. Complex tubular positive plate technology is utilized to wrap up the active substance and to prevent the shedding of active material, therefore, the battery will not come to sudden failure or death. On this basis, we also used Topsure® technology, unique tube-type lead paste formula, the battery has a very high energy rate and delivers more travel time between recharging, enabling consumers to embark on longer excursions.

One of the best golf series battery was born ---- EV series Tubular flooded lead-acid battery has 15 years of design life and new tube type battery technology ---TOPSURE® technology. Positive plates of lead-acid batteries are mostly pasted plate, resulting in shedding of the active material with the number of cycles to increase. so that the cycle life is shortened,But will not appear in tubular lead-acid battery.

After our Thirty years of research, tubular cells and tubular plate technology has been considerable development, Application of new technologies EV series battery---TOPSURE® technology , effectively prevent shedding of active materials, increased use of life, not only to improve the utilization of the active material and high capacity, But also Improve deep-cycle capability. which is Suitable for High end applications. Complex design. Highly reliable compared to normal flat plate batteries.

Common pasted positive plate flooded battery life will not exceed ten years, deep cycling capability is relatively poor. EverExceed EV series batteries are 15 years stationary batteries and were developed for GOLF, and maintain more than 80% of capacity, it is the best choice for golf battery.

Comparison between flat and tubular positive plates in flooded lead-acid batteries
Flat plate Tubular Explan ation of tubular advantages
    Reliability Reliable Most reliable  
    Charge cycles
    (at 80% DOD)
50-800 1800 Lead selenium / low antimony alloy advantage
    stratification risk
Medium Low The external shape of the positive plate allows for
easier movement for the electrolyte
    Float current Medium Low  
    Thermal management Medium High Because of the higher relative electrolyte amounts
and easier convective heat transport
    surface area
Medium High  
    Electrical resistance Mid-to-low Low Well defined pore sizes permit easy movement to
the electrolyte
    Life expectancy 8 years 15+ years  
    Charge retention Long Longest Because there is no electrolyte pollution from
reinforcing agents