Li-ion battery systems

EverExceed Li-ion battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles Increasing energy efficiency and meeting environmental challenges
EverExceed Lithium-ion battery systems ensure optimal performance and reliability of each vehicle's operation. EverExceed Li-ion battery systems are a key enabler that makes electric vehicles a practical reality for even the most demanding applications, given their greater energy density, lower weight and longer life capability.

On-road for smart cities-down to the last mile
Today, there is considerable legislation to replace conventional internal combustion engine vehicles operating in busy cities with electric powered alternatives that eliminate local emissions and reduce noise nuisance. These advanced modes of public, freight and amenity transportation offer sustainable solutions that cut pollution and enhance quality of life for city workers and residents.

Off-road for efficient industrial equipment
EverExceed’s Li-ion technology has important advantages over lead-acid batteries when powering electric warehouse forklift trucks and AGVs. These include: opportunity and fast charging, higher energy efficiency, longer cycle life and reduced maintenance. Also, EverExceed’s Li-ion eliminates the frequent water topping up and thus reduces associated mainenance costs. Industrial vehicles, such as mining and farm trucks, are now integrating hybrid functions for specific environments where electric motors bring major benefits over internal combustion engines. Electrified Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is also particularly attractive for airports and seaports that are under growing pressure to reduce CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and noise.

EverExceed Li-ion battery systems deliver a variety of features and benefits
•   Fast charging optimize use of vehicle during its work shift;
•   Enhanced cycling performance improves TCO of vehicle;
•   High rate charge and discharge capabilities for cells and modules enables more efficient regenerative braking;
•   Built-in battery monitoring and information (State of charge - SOC, State of health - SOH…);
•   Battery communicates relevant diagnostic information to the host application;
•   Remote access to battery information capable;

EverExceed 30+ year experience in energy storage solutions
EverExceed is the pioneer supplier of hybrid Li-ion energy storage systems for military programs, electric / hybrid vehicles, UPS, telecoms and storage for renewable energies applications.
EverExceed has over 30 year experience in the development and volume delivery of lead acid, nickel-based and lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles. Numerous customers applications rely on EverExceed’s Li-ion systems performances to achieve their energy saving objectives, to reduce noise and CO2 footprint, to limit maintenance, all leading to deliver a reduced overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Customers seeking innovations in their markets can rely on EverExceed’s unique technology platform and industrial know-how in Li-ion battery systems for the industrial hybrid and electric vehicle market.

EverExceed quality, safety and environmental standards
Quality: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001 EverExceed World Class Continuous Program
Transport: UN 2795, UN3480, class 9 (group II) Transport regulation: ADR, IMDG Code, OACI/IATA
Environment: ISO 14001:2004, fully recyclable
RoHS: Although batteries and accumulators are not within the scope of the RoHS directive, EverExceed has taken voluntary measures to ensure that the substances forbidden by RoHS are not present in the battery, with the exception of the electro-chemical core.

EverExceed next generation energy technology empowers future mobility

Industrial scale Li-ion manufacturing in the world

EverExceed has developed multiple lithium-based battery chemistries and a broad portfolio of Li-ion cells in cylindrical and prismatic formats to suit various market requirements:
Oxide based cathodes: NCM
Iron Phospate LFP technology: eLFP® patented chemistry
EverExceed manufactures at industrial scale level the different cells, modules and Li-ion systems.
EverExceed supports its customers throughout their project and the application life cycle, from first design concept, through prototyping and testing to large scale manufacturing.

EverExceed is committed to the highest standards of environmental stewardship
As part of its environmental commitment, EverExceed gives priority to recycled raw materials over virgin raw materials, reduces its plants’ air and water releases year after year, minimizes water usage, reduces fossil energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions, and ensures that its customers have recycling solutions for their spent batteries.