EverGEN Household Energy Storage Solution

EverExceed innovative, robust and reliable EverGen energy storage solution provides high performance and reliability in long duration discharge applications, which is specially developed for the residential, office, and mobile vehicles where the backup power is needed. It features with high reliability, safety, high efficiency, environment-friendly, easy installation & maintenance free, stable performance, and flexible expansion, which are the ideal choice for you!
The EverGen energy solution has integrated Deep Cycle AGM batteries (Lithium optional), PCS, Distributed BMS, monitoring system and other advanced technologies to emphasize the integration of intelligence and overall technical superiorities . EverGEN has high reliability, safety, efficiency, environment-friendly and other advantages, and it's of compact size , easy installation and maintenance free.

•   Uninterrupted supply of power;
•   Electrically Isolated converter designs results in high safety and reliability;
•   EverExceed patented Deep Cycle AGM battery with high capacity, and safety giving superior performance;
•   Supports electricity grid, photovoltaic cells or other power supply;
•   High reliability and efficiency, saves energy and protects the environment.
•   Overvoltage protection/shutdown for AC and DC;
•   Over frequency protection for AC;
•   High and low temperature protection;
•   Overcurrent and Short circuit protection;

Application scenario:
•  Home / apartment / Villa
•  Office/ Enterprise
•  Hospital
•  School/Baby care center
•  Emergency power
•  Mobile vehicles