EverExceed EV batteries provide efficient and sustainable vehicle operations with minimal running costs over a long, low-maintenance service life. They are clean and safe, making them ideal for use in golf cars, personnel carriers, and floor scrubbers / sweepers, where acid leaks could damage floors, walkways and carpeting. They are also well suited for alternative energy sources, such as photovoltaics. The EV series adopts German technology to ensure the batteries with features of long cycle life, lower discharge, high reliability and safety, and environmental-friendly. which will have huge needs in the global marketing.

Video for EV Series VRLA batteries

•   Critical pressure control valve maintains critical internal pressure while safely expelling excess gas generated during overcharging, for longer battery life. 100% tested for highest performance.
•   Exclusive intercell gasket prevents intercell voltage leaks for much lower self-discharge and longer battery life.
•   VRLA recombinant technology- free maintenance-no watering required High-Compression Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM) for greater than 99% recombination efficiency. AGM Technology delivers good cycle life, cranking amps, general power and deep discharge capability.
•   Forged terminal posts and bushings are completely solid with no porosity, for longer battery life, maximum performance, no leakage of pressure or corrosive gas, and no damage to sensitive electronic equipment.
•   Brushed plate lugs provide heavier, low-resistance straps with outstanding lug-to-strap knit and eliminate dropped and loose plates that reduce performance and shorten battery life.
•   Heavy-duty plates with high-density deep-cycle oxide provide quick recharge-ability and superior deep-cycle and float performance in the most demanding applications.
•   Tank formed plates offer optimal computerized formation, additional quality control and improved voltage matching.
•   Deep-cycle grids direct current to the terminals for maximum power and performance.
•   High Tin grid alloy reduces gassing and retards corrosion for maintenance-free performance and longer battery life. Ideal for installation near sensitive electronic equipment.
•   Reinforcing fiberglass mat prevents mossing or short circuits around the edges of the plates for longer battery life.
•   Premium glass mat separators reduce gassing and electron flow, providing more power-per-pound.
•   More than 250 quality control checks. Everexceed’s EV range of deep-cycle motive batteries provide efficient and sustainable vehicle operations with minimal running costs over a long, free-maintenance service life. All Everexceed batteries are powered by Germany technology.