Heavy Duty ESC series pure sine wave inverter

ESC series pure sine wave inverter is a multifunctional converting technology. It adopts the most advanced PWM control technology, and it has a lot of characteristics such as: precise control, security, efciency, good reliability. This type inverter can supply electricity power to families, marketplace and so on. It’s have the function of perfect intellectualized protection. The inverter researched and developed by ourselves with many highly technologies and intellectualized electrical components, which could debates the fussy control and protection made by apart components and improve the reliability of inverters as well as make the operation more convenient.

Product Features:
•   Over voltage shutdown
•   Over load protect/Low voltage alarm and shutdown
•   Short- circuit protect
•   Over heat protect
•   Advanced heat sink design and optimum component layout
•   Standard AC outlet
•   LED red/green indicator

Our ESC inverters are able to carry:
•   Air conditioning
•   Washing machine
•   Cleaning machine
•   Electric drill
•   Refrigerator
•   Electric drill
•   Incandescent
•   Led lights
•   Fluorescent lamps
•   Fans

Protect function:
•   Low Voltage Protection
Function: Automatically protect when be in low voltage: rst alarm, then the voltage continuously reduce. LED red on. and the machine shuts down.
•   Short Circuit Protection
Function: Automatically self protect when short circuit: LED red on.
•   Over Temperature Protection
Shuts the inverter down automatically if the battery voltage drops below set level. This feature protects the battery from being completely discharged.
•   Over load Protection
Function:Automatically self protect when load too much power: LED red on. the machine auto
•   Reverse Polarity Protection
Features: Automatically protect when positive and negative cables are reverse connected: fuse burns automatically shuts down.
•   Over Voltage Protection
Function: Automatically protect when be in high voltage: LED red on, the machine automatically shuts down.